Class of 2021 Bobwhites and Comets Reflect


The Bobwhites gather during their game against Essex. Photo credit: Messenger photographer Ruthie Laroche.

Rachel Needleman, Writer

With the 2020-21 school year coming to an end, we start saying goodbye to our seniors and wish them luck with their future. This past school year has been a bit crazy with Covid, especially with sports, but the Bobwhites and Comets persevered.

Through the ups and downs of high school, being a Comet in sports has always been something for BFA senior Emma Bapp (‘21) to turn to.  “[Being a Comet has] taught me what it means to be hard working and a lot about perseverance,” Bapp said. 

BFA senior Taylor Baldwin (‘21) added her input on how playing as a Comet has influenced her. “As a Comet, we always say we believe. In my mind, that means striving for better and never giv[ing] up,” Baldwin said.

Not only has being a Comet or Bobwhite impacted how the student-athletes play, it has also affected their personality. BFA senior Andrew Koval (‘21) mentioned how he has “become more respectful [to] others.”  Koval added how he has “learned a lot about time management,” and that he will keep what he has learned about being a Bobwhite in his “college athletic career.” 

Coaches and families have also had an impact on the young Comets and Bobwhites. According to Bapp, her high school lacrosse coach Mary Pipes has helped her “develop as a player [and] a person.”  Bapp also said how “com[ing] from a big Bobwhite/Comet family, [the coaches have] done a lot in shaping me into the player and person I am today”.

As graduation is right around the corner for the seniors, BFA senior Christian Vallee (‘21) shared what he will miss about being a Bobwhite: “I’ll miss everything, but especially the relationships with my teammates and coaches.”

Baldwin also spoke about her Comet family. “What I’ll miss most about being a Comet is the family atmosphere and my teammates,” Balwin said. She noted that she will also miss the “happy [feeling] and excit[ment] com[ing] to practice or a game, and how there’s never a dull moment.”

BFA’s Athletic Director Dan Marlow gave his advice to the departing Bobwhite and Comet seniors:  “Always be the BEST version of yourself – – Love, serve and care.”