BFA Buzzing with Text Messages


Ashley LaBelle, Writer

Stumbling and bumbling through the halls, high school students frequently find themselves causing hallway “traffic.”

Is cell phone usage a problem today??? -YES!-

Teens today have grown up in an age where they have been exposed to technology since grade school.

Many believe that this exposure has guided teens down a path that allows them to abuse their cell phones.


According to, 50 percent of teens feel addicted to their cellphones, where 59 percent of parents feel that their teens are addicted to their cell phones.

The reason for this addiction….. Social Media..

The University of Gaslow did a study on the pressure of being on social media and found that teens felt obligated to respond to texts and posts right away.

“Evidence is increasingly supporting a link between social media use and well-being, particularly during adolescence, but the causes of this are unclear,” Dr. Cleland Woods of Gaslow University explained.

According to another study, this time by commonsensemedia, almost 80 percent of teens reported that they checked their cell phones hourly, and  72 percent reported that they felt the need to immediately respond to a text or post on social media.

Hour after hour, week after week, year after year, the cell-phone addiction epidemic still remains..