Staff goodbyes: Shirley Raymond

Mercury Staff

How long have you worked at BFA?
I have worked at BFA for 30 years.

Can you briefly list your teaching duties, and other activities you have been a part of?

My biggest activity I’ve been involved in would be the End of Year activities for seniors. I order the cap/gowns, diplomas, do the programs for brunch, class night and graduation. There is preparing the tickets, being sure to have flowers and someone to decorate the stage and organize the seating. All these end of year activities are important and detail as to names on diploma and how it runs is vital. It is what makes BFA’s graduation so special. As Administrative Assistant to the Principal there are varied duties. I have worked for three Headmasters (when we were
private) and am on my third principal.

What do you like best about BFA?

I believe BFA has some really fantastic teachers and students and this is what I like best about BFA. The teachers are there to help the students achieve and reach their goals.

Can you share a memory of your time at BFA?

My memory would be the benches I had made for the students several years ago outside the Principal’s office. There was no place for a student to sit in the morning and I’d come in and find students sitting on the cold floor. With Hannaford’s Helps Schools and Target money I was able to save up enough to get these benches made. This year I used the money and purchased two more water fountains with filters, one for the Business floor and hopefully one will go on the math floor or at least on the 3rd floor somewhere.

What would you like to leave behind?
There are several things I’ll leave behind but the biggest one will be the stress of getting everything done in a timely manner and not having to deal with the politics that every school and business has.