Retiring – Krystal Norton


Owen Biniecki, Editor

BFA’s Krystal Norton is retiring from her position as Health and P.E. teacher this year.

Norton began her teaching career at BFA 34 years ago in August 1986. Norton shared an interesting “tidbit” with the Mercury- the year before she began teaching at BFA she taught freshman Health to the person resuming her position in the coming school year.

Norton’s favorite aspect of teaching is getting the opportunity to watch her students learn and help them through the difficulties they may face as they progress through high school.

“I truly love working with kids and seeing them learn and grow… I love helping students feel safe in their surroundings. Each year, each semester and each student is a new beginning to be a positive influence, be creative, learn and grow together,” Norton said.

While she may not be able to pinpoint her favorite memory of teaching, Norton admits that her favorite class to teach is Health, and that she is particularly fond of the BFA community’s resilience during difficult times.

“I love how BFA faculty/Staff and BFA students have come together as a true family during difficult times, including during this difficult time with COVID-19 and remote learning,” Norton said.

Throughout her teaching career, Norton has grown especially proud of her efforts in making BFA a truly safe place for all students.

“I feel proud of my work with students and faculty to make BFA a safer and more inclusive learning climate for all. I am especially proud of the work I’ve done with “Out for Safe Schools,” a movement to increase the amount of safe and supportive allies within all spaces that work with LGBTQ+ youth. I have also worked through a grant for Sexuality Education that led to our MRUSD K-12 Sexuality Education Curriculum being recognized as one of two exemplary curriculums in the State,” Norton said.

Going into retirement, Norton looks forward to spending time with family, being active, and getting to work creatively.

“I look forward to living close to my parents in South Carolina and pursuing work that is more creative and outdoor based,” Norton said.

Leaving her position at BFA, Norton has one final message for the new teachers at BFA.

“Don’t try to be perfect – instead strive to be better, don’t think you have to know everything –  instead ask questions, don’t take stress home – instead learn how to decompress and use that to prepare for the next day, and most important – listen to, care about and build relationships with all your students,” Norton said. 

If you’d like to leave a personal message for Ms. Norton, send her an email at [email protected] or send a letter to BFA at 71 South Main Street, St. Albans City, in care of Krystal Norton.