Digital Media with Davis


Steven Davis works with Megan Jamison (’23) and Trey Desautels (’23) in his Digital Media class. Photo Credit: Isabella Bonasera

Caitlyn Mossey, Writer

Steven Davis, the newest addition to the teaching team at the Northwest Career and Technical Center, received his bachelor’s from Bennington College and his Master of Fine Arts from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. Davis started as the NCTC Tech Integration Specialist about 10 years ago and is now the Digital Media Production teacher.

When asked what his favorite part of teaching is, Davis responded, “I really enjoy seeing how excited, prideful and energized my students are when they finally finish a long project. I also love improvisational teaching, adapting a lesson plan or project on the fly to customize the learning experience for students. Keeping my teaching experience fresh and unmapped also keeps me vitalized.”

Outside of teaching Digital Media Production, Davis enjoys being outside, going on hikes, swimming, exploring cities on foot and growing hot peppers. Davis will be teaching Specialty Modules Digital Video Basics and Digital Photography in the spring and Digital Multimedia next year. 

Davis plans on continuing to learn more about new video technologies such as 360-degree video, VR digital paint software and 3D animation. He then plans to incorporate his new knowledge into his curriculum for his upcoming Digital Multimedia course in the fall.

“Teaching has been amazingly exciting and fun. I feel very lucky that I have such a creative, energetic and talented group of students for my first year of teaching,” said Davis.