Student Council’s Holiday Spirit Week 2020


Quincy Fournier’s (’21) flannel day photo submission for the Holiday Spirit Week pizza raffle. Photo credit: Quincy Fournier

Owen Biniecki, Editor

In the midst of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, it has been exceptionally difficult to see the bright side, even during the holiday season. BFA’s senior Student Council showed its resolve despite the chaos and brought the festive cheer many of us needed through this year’s revamped Holiday Spirit Week. 

Paige DeMarse (‘21), and other members of the Student Council, have been organizing Holiday Spirit Week for the past three years, adding more to the novel tradition each year.

“I started it my sophomore year, and the Student Council has seen it fitting to keep doing it. We try to do more and more each year,” DeMarse explained, adding, “the other grades in Student Council seem to have wanted to keep it going. I can not speak for the other grades, but hopefully, it will stay and grow into something bigger.”

To add flair to 2020’s Holiday Spirit Week, DeMarse decided to turn the event into a competition in which students shared pictures of their participation in daily events for a chance to win a free pizza from the local Domino’s Pizza. The winner of each daily prize was chosen randomly by an electronic number generator.

Holiday Spirit Week is also not intended to be the last event the Student Council hopes to host in 2020, the most notable of which is this year’s prom.

“COVID has been making it hard to plan events for students this year, but we are trying to plan something special, at least for seniors. We still are planning to have prom until the governor says we can’t, and if not, the seniors will have their own celebration,” DeMarse said.