Boosters’ “Signature” Popcorn Sales Event


From left: BFA math teacher Nicole Schubert purchases popcorn from Ellen and Bob Gissel. Karla Kane (far right) helped co-organize the event. Photo credit: Rachel Ledoux

Rachel Ledoux, Writer

The connector between BFA’s two buildings has been a bit of a hotspot these past few Friday afternoons, with many students crowding around the main entrance. The reason? BFA’s “famous” Boosters’ Popcorn. From 2:30-4:00 p.m. bags of fresh, buttery popcorn were being sold for just $2 a bag to students, faculty and community members. 

This bout of sales ended up being a huge success, with about 90 bags of popcorn being sold the first day alone. Those sales added up to nearly $200 dollars in profits for the sales team. The sales team consisted of Ellen and Bob Gissel of the BFA Boosters. 

Ellen Gissel also recognized her co-organizers:  “A big shout out to Ms. [Karla] Kane for coming up with the idea of after-school sales on Friday.  She and Ms. [Christine] Trombley have stayed after school on Friday to assist with sales.

Due to the lack of income from the snack bar this year, the Boosters decided to sell their popcorn, which they “consider [their] signature item,” Gissel said.

These sales raised money for the BFA Boosters program, which, according to Gissel, “continue the traditions BFA seniors and underclassmen have enjoyed over the years.”

The event aimed to “put a smile on people’s faces by offering the tasty popcorn,” added Kane.

Though the sales are finished for the time being, if you’d like to purchase a bag for yourself, there will be more popcorn bags available after Easter.