It’s Time to Show Your School Spirit In BFA’s Spring Spirit Week

It’s Time to Show Your School Spirit In BFA’s Spring Spirit Week

Charlotte Pierce, Writer

With spring blossoming around us, Bellows Free Academy’s Student Council decided to hold a Spirit Week to show some school pride. 

“I hope that spirit week will bring some excitement and fun back into the school for the staff and students during these difficult times of COVID,” Senior Class President Thomas Remillard (’21) said. 

Spirit week began on April 5 and is going on until April 13. There are four themes:  Green/Gold day, Tropical day, PJ/Comfy day and Decades day. Each theme has its own day and optional clothing suggestions that go along with it. 

“The themes were chosen by the Student Council. At one of our meetings, we discussed possible themes. After this discussion, I sent out a poll to the Student Council to find out the four themes that were most popular. From there, we were able to make a schedule and put together the posters,” Remillard said.

Last week, Green/Gold day was on April 5 for Blue students and April 8 for Green students; they dressed in BFA merchandise or in green and gold. Tropical day was April 6 for Blue students and April 9 for Green students, and students wore Hawaiian shirts, leis and other tropical attire.

This upcoming week the two themes are PJ day and Decades day. PJ day is on April 12 and the 15, and it allows students to wear their comfy clothes to school.

Remillard said, “ I think that PJ/comfy day will be most popular.”

Decades day is on April 13 for both Blue and Green students, and students can wear clothes from whichever decade they want. In past Spirit Weeks, students have chosen decades such as the 70’s and 80’s, and there are many others to choose from. 

“I would like to thank all those who participated in Spirit Week this spring,” Remillard said. 

If you would like to show some BFA pride and the Student Council some appreciation, Spirit Week is the perfect way to do so.