BFA’s Class of ’22 Pie-In-The-Face Fundraiser


Kieran Kivlehan receives his pie in the face from NCTC teacher Tim Hurteau. Photo credit: Lindsay Bernard (’22)

Charlotte Pierce, Writer

Bellows Free Academy’s junior class created a fun way to raise money for their class. They held a Pie-in-the-Face fundraiser from May 3-May 7 to give students the chance to throw pies in two teachers’ faces for the small price of loose bills.  

Emma Bordeau (‘22), along with the junior class Student Council, put together this project. For the most part, Lindsay [Bernard ’22, a Representative for the junior class] organized the project, and we followed her lead,” said Bourdeau.

There were numerous parts of the fundraiser that needed organizing.  Various junior Student Council members set up in the connector entrance with jars for each teacher involved. “We organized having someone stand in the connector each morning to help get more money,” added Bourdeau. 

The Student Council members cheered and encouraged students to donate money in the teacher’s jar who they most wanted to be “pied,” which was a positive way to earn more revenue.  

It worked.  “We are guessing [we raised] between 400-500 dollars,” said Bourdeau. 

They also had to carefully choose which teachers to put up for pie-ing. “ I think it definitely appeal[ed] to the students because of the specific teachers we chose. We tried to pick teachers that students have good relationships with so they would put more money in,” said Bourdeau. The teachers that participated included Polly Rico, Kristi Waite, Jeff Moulton, Kieran Kivlehan, Cameron Caforia and David Rider.

Mr. Kivlehan was by far the winner with more than $150 in his jar, and Mr. Moulton was in second [place],” Bourdeau said.

This fundraiser was a great way for BFA’s Student Council to not only raise funds but to boost students’ spirits during the end of the school year. They plan on using their earnings to fund their senior traditions next year.