A Farewell to Kelly Hirss


Kelly Hirss

Claire Johnson, Writer

Kelly Hirss has resigned from her position as Bellows Free Academy’s registrar in the guidance office. According to BFA Administrative Assistant Teri Brunell, Hirss has been employed at BFA since May 2, 2006.  Hirss worked her last day on Jan 3rd and is now an Administrative Coordinator at Bath Fitter. 

When asked what brought her to her position at BFA, Hirss said, “I wanted to be close to my daughter [Holly ’09] because we had just moved to the area. She graduated and went on with her life, and I stayed at BFA for quite a while.”

Hirss applied for the guidance position for her daughter but stayed well after her daughter graduated. 

“I was working with really nice people. I was growing. I was learning a lot but, in the same breath, I was only using some of the skills that I went to school for. I felt like I was losing the skills I wasn’t using,” Hirss said. 

Though she knew she wanted to do more with her degree and find a job that lent well to all her skills, Hirss enjoyed her time at BFA. 

She remarked, “I grew a lot as a person because I was working with counselors. That’s what they do, you know? They’re considerate and compassionate and good listeners“ 

Hirss talked a lot about her love of her coworkers, and how some of the personal growth she experienced while working at BFA was due to her wonderful friends and coworkers. 

“I always tell them: you rounded my sharp corners. Or, at least, you helped to. Certain people stand out in my memories, Judy Breitmeyer and Preston Randall. Stephanie Hodgeman is a wonderful person. She gives back to the community so much, and she’s such a happy person.”

Kelly Hirss was a beloved member of the BFA staff and her absence will be felt.  “Kelly Hirss knew her job well.  She excels at technology, organization, spreadsheets, PowerSchool and could run any report imaginable,” Hodgeman said. 

BFA guidance counselor Chris Pepin added, “Kelly saw many changes during her tenure in the guidance office. She was efficient and loved working with families to enroll them at BFA. She will be missed.”

Hirss said she feels the same, “I miss BFA already. I miss the people, mostly.  It seems a little weird to drive in the opposite direction [on the way to work], but I am very happy where I am now.”