Student Support During Covid

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Georgia Casavant, Writer

This year, students are expected to be in the classroom five days a week instead of last year’s hybrid schedule. 

According to a student survey on student support during Covid absences, which had 83 participants, more than 40% of students responded that they have missed more than 10 school days because of Covid exposure or diagnosis.

In the survey, more than 60% of students said it was either hard or very hard to stay caught up with school work because of Covid related absences. So what exactly are BFA faculty and administration doing to support students? 

When asked, “It is a lot harder this year than last year to stay caught up with work?” Reese Clayton (‘22) said “there is nothing virtual this year, and it seems like teachers don’t go out of their way to support students”

Sara Kattam, BFA’s assistant principal, mentioned that “it is up to the students to stay caught up with work.”  She added that “No teacher at BFA would not support a student who is taking the initiative with their learning.”

According to BFA’s student handbook, “If a student misses an assignment, assessment, or due date, they have two (2) class days to make contact (either in person or through email) with the teacher to make up the missed learning opportunity.”

Kattam noted that “students need to be checking Google Classroom every day” but also understands that “certain content is impossible to learn at home.” 

Alayna Carpenter (‘23) stated, “it is honestly really difficult to stay caught up.”  She also mentioned that “when I missed school because of a cold at the beginning of the year, it was very hard”

If you are a student struggling to stay caught up with work due to a Covid-related absence, be sure to check in with your teachers and contact school administration if further assistance is needed.