Pep Rally 2022 Ignites School Spirit


Photo credit: Asher Ballantine

Adelyne Collin, Editor

Shortly after mask restrictions were lifted at Bellows Free Academy, a pep rally was hosted on March 14. Juniors and seniors are the only classes that have experienced traditional pep rallies prior to the shutdown two years ago. 

Students demonstrated their school spirit by wearing green and gold clothing and accessories.  Reese Clayton (’22) said, “At the beginning [of the pep rally], the Comet hockey team sang the national anthem.”

At the pep rally, classes competed in the following: tug-of-war, a sing-off, a relay race and an egg toss.

According to Clayton (’22), “Six students from each class were selected to participate in competitions.”

Seniors especially enjoyed having another normal spirit day before graduation in June. 

“There was a lot more school spirit than we’ve seen before; it’s brought back the BFA community,” Jenelle Hardy (‘22) said. 

Liam Wood (’23) added, “Juniors brought the most class spirit, winning the class Spirit Award.”

Bringing back a sense of community that many students haven’t yet experienced within the school has introduced underclassmen to the school spirit that’s celebrated at BFA.