BFA’s First Spirit Week of the Year


Students dressed for comfy day. Photo credit: Larissa Hebert

Alexis Dragon-Greeno, Writer

The leaves are falling, and days are getting shorter. The steps of Bellows Free Academy students flow through the halls. That’s when you know the time has come for Homecoming Spirit Week.

From Sept. 26 to Sept. 30, the Athletic Council, led by advisor Mary Brouillette, helped to conduct the spirit week. The spirit week days included Monday: America Day, Tuesday: Tropical Day, Wednesday: Comfy Day, Thursday: Neon Day and Friday: Green and Gold day. 

Throughout the past four years, BFA Student Council has dedicated time and effort to giving the student body a momentous Homecoming Spirit Week. The Covid lockdown was a heavy blow to BFA and its spirit. 

According to the Student Council Co-Advisor Maryellen Tourville, “We had lost a bit of groove.” However, Tourville said that the Student Council is “A well-oiled machine.” 

According to Brouillette, the student council takes care of themes for the week, the homecoming parade, the bonfire, as well as the homecoming floats. 

She said that it takes the whole BFA staff to help as judges for the parade, and the pep rally, as well as encouraging students to participate in each day’s event and to decorate their advisory door.

As expected, the student council organized their annual cereal drive as one of the spirit week competitions. The cereal drive is a way for students to get involved in spirit week, as well as give back to the community. 

On Sept. 30, the whole student body will gather in the gymnasium for the most hyped-up event of the week: the pep rally. 

“[The] Pep Rally is the most effective event for the student body,” Tourville said. 

During spirit week, there are countless opportunities for students to show their spirit and have fun with their class and friends. 

“It is the beginning of the year’s kick-off event that helps bring classes and students together as well as the alumni at homecoming with the hopes that school spirit will continue throughout the year,” Brouillette said.