BFA’s Halloween Movie Night


Rachel Ledoux, Editor

On Oct. 26 at 6 pm, the Collins Perley football field will be transformed into an outdoor movie theater for Bellows Free Academy’s Halloween Movie Night, which, according to Evangelica Luneau (’26) is being held by student council. 

These movie nights have become relatively common after-school events, and students enjoy them quite a bit.

“You should’ve seen my face when they announced it,” Maura Thompon (‘24) said. “My friends and I really enjoyed the last one.”

This was supported by Heather L’Esperance (‘23).

“My friends and I had a blast at the last movie night, for ‘Mean Girls,’” L’Esperance said. “I’m really happy they’re doing another one.”

This screening is for “Hotel Transylvania,” and accessible for both BFA students and community members. Admission will be $7, or $5 with a non-perishable food item to donate. 

According to Luneau, students are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, blankets, pillows and other comfy items to enjoy the movie with. Snacks will be available for purchase by the freshmen student council as well.

In order to really get into the Halloween spirit, some students will be dressing up.

“I’m really excited for the movie night, and I hope some of my friends can come with me, too,” Sean Baldwin (‘24) said. “Costumes included.”

Overall, it seems like the “Hotel Transylvania” screening is the place to be for BFA students on Wednesday. 

“I am so excited for my friends and I to have a great time.” Genevieve LaClair (‘23) said.