A Senior Performance: BFA’s Bobwhite Comet Competition


Bobwhite Comet competition 2023 Photo credit: Leeza Kusmit

Cooper O´Connell, Editor

On May 19, Bellows Free Academy held its annual Bobwhite Comet Competition. At the event, it was announced that Bobwhite Comet started in 1994 and was created to help seniors earn scholarship money through humorous skits. This year 17 seniors competed for six scholarships. Three skits were performed throughout the night. 

The first skit followed Lyla Rouleau (‘23) dressed up as math teacher Luke Coiffi and was based on the way he operates his classes. Rouleau walked onto the stage with a Comet hockey shirt on and a headset dancing to “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. Cam Johnson (‘23) and his peers soon found their way onto the stage. Johnson starred as “Jackie” the Routine Nutrition fanatic. 

The second skit of the night starred Madison Gagner (’23) as Principal Blanchard. Megan Jamison (‘23) played a student distressed from using Flextime, a scheduling software BFA uses.

The third and final skit of the night was a blast from the past. Participants impersonated teachers´ first time meeting Principal Blanchard, played by Corbin Schreindorfer (‘23), on his first day. 

After the skits were performed, students played a game of Academy Feud. Academy Feud is a BFA twist on the TV show Family Feud. Seniors and staff were surveyed to find the most popular answers.

The panel of judges, which consisted of three BFA alumni, chose six people out of the 17 to move on to the questionnaire portion after Academy Feud. Rouleau, Johnson, Ayla Shae (‘23), Bug Galuszka (‘23), Jamison and Heather L’Esperance (‘23) were selected. Participants were brought onto the stage individually, where they were asked what they learned while participating in the Bobwhite Comet competition.

Based on where the panel placed the selected participants, there were a total of six scholarships given out at the end of the night. Shea and Johnson won first place earning $1000 each. Rouleau and Galuszka won second place earning themselves $750. L’Esperance and Jamison won third place earning $500 apiece. 

The Bobwhite Comet Competition hit a halt after the COVID-19 pandemic, but because of Archambault´s and Tourville’s compelling efforts, the Bobwhite Comet competition was reintroduced to BFA. 

“This year, we really wanted to make sure we were bringing back what many folks consider to be a really fun tradition, whether you are in the audience or a member, you really enjoy it,” Archambault said. 

According to Rouleau, English teachers Nathan Archambault (‘98) and MaryEllen Tourville motivated many seniors to participate.

“Bringing Bobwhite Comet back was probably one of the best parts of my senior year,” Rouleau said. “If Mrs.Tourville and Mr. Archambualt hadn’t worked to bring this back, we would’ve never had it. Their effort created a great end-of-the-year experience for seniors.”