The Class of ’23 Gives Back

The Class of 2023 class gift.

Anna Bouchard

The Class of 2023 class gift.

Anna Bouchard, Writer

With graduation fastly approaching, many Bellows Free Academy seniors are looking forward to their life after high school. While it can be easy to be swept away in the excitement, the senior gift offers students the opportunity to reflect and give back to their school.

The Mercury spoke with Emma Archambault (‘23), the president of the Class of ‘23’s Student Council, to learn more about this year’s senior gift. 

According to Archambault, the Class of ‘23’s Student Council began discussing ideas for a gift during their junior year. They wanted their gift to be unique, long-lasting and meaningful, but it wasn’t until the Student Council took a walk around BFA that they found their inspiration. 

During their walk, they noticed that apart from a sign reading “Academy,” the Connector lacked anything that identified it as being a part of BFA. 

“It was just a brick building,” Archambault said. “That’s when we figured out that we wanted to give the school signs.”

After many discussions on colors, designs and sizes, the Class of ‘23 Student Council unveiled their gift to the school. Two new signs now hang on the front of the Connector, each with a different BFA logo. 

“Seeing [the signs] on the building was so exciting. We’ve worked so hard and we’ve spent so much time planning them that it really means something to see them up there,” Archambault said. “We want to leave [our] mark on the school in a positive way. People that won’t know our class years down the line will see [the signs] and think of us. They’ll wonder what we’re doing now.”