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Kai Hemingway
Kai Hemingway (‘20) is an aspiring writer as well as a highly creative student.

Hemingway is passionate about writing and reading, taking interest in the freedoms creative writing gives and the adventure reading gives. This passion makes Creative Writing his favorite class and reading his favorite activity outside of school.

“I like the freedom [writing] gives. You can be like taught certain ways but most of the ideas are your own and even if you do get a prompt then you can still make it your own. I love reading...
just imagining all, like the stuff that’s going on and also I can waste a lot of time doing that and if I get really involved. It’s a good way to kill time,” Hemingway said.

This preexisting passion for writing sparked Hemingway’s interest in Journalism, and inspired him to join our team of reporters.

“I thought it would be interesting. Also like I said, I like writing so I thought it would be fun,” Hemingway said.

After graduating from BFA, Hemingway would like to pursue a career in psychology.

“I would like to go to Castleton for psychology to be a mental health counselor with maybe a minor in english or writing. I find psychology to be super interesting and just seeing the way that people react to things and why they do it. Plus, my sister wanted to, so I have all of her old textbooks so I read those. I would like to be the mental health counselor at a high school and I want the people I work with to feel safe and comfortable with me and I want to be able to help them, to get them up and moving into the real world to make the world a better place,” Hemingway said.

Outside of the scholarly world, Hemingway would be thrilled to become an author.

“I would love to write a series of novels but writing one [book] would just make me happy. I haven’t written a full book yet but I’m working on it. I have to get the motivation to get up and do it. Probably this summer. When I was in creative writing class I did publish my shorter pieces but not really my longer pieces because I want to polish them up more,” Hemingway said.

To guide these aspirations, Hemingway’s parents have served as the best role models in his life.

“[My biggest role models are] my mom and my dad because they went from not having the best childhood and not having much as kids to being decently successful and wanting that for their kids and so they really push me and my sisters to be the best that we can be,” Hemingway said.

Kai Hemingway, Editor

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